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Steel lockers to clean what should

locker as we all know, is used for storing clothing, change clothes closet. In life everyone is the choice of more than half the wooden locker, can also be seen in some industrial steel lockers, as demand for technology development to adapt to the wet environment, and the birth of the plastic locker.

plastic lockers: the best quality plastic lockers are made of ABS plastic production, can be the best choice in the purchase process, a number of well-known products, so quality is guaranteed. Wardrobe selection can be divided into three types: wood lockers, steel lockers, plastic lockers.

steel business dressing Cabinet of products features is:

1, and material

General of dressing Cabinet material are used 0.5~0.6mm of quality cold rolled plate, if has special requirements customer can proposed to, according to you proposed of requirements for design;

2, and Cabinet body

for Cabinet body surface of processing, we General will used electrostatic spray plastic equipment on Cabinet body of surface do p of and rust processing, such can extended steel business dressing Cabinet of using time;

3, the colors

we see in the market are yaguangbai or grey, if you have customers who need customized, you can take the picture that you want to place more closet space, we can according to your space requirements and reasonable design for you, color space to the locker.

4, specifications

General specifications are h1800 W900 d420mm, other sizes can be customized.

locker display of space environment must be dry and protected from light, steel locker surface in moist environments come off easily lead to rust, plastic powder is very sensitive to ultraviolet light, easily fade effect appearance of the cabinets. For the cleaning of the Cabinet, we can wipe using a damp cloth, and then wipe again with a dry cloth can, for some good clean places you can use toothpaste to clean.


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