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Choose how integral locker door material

wardrobe locker doors during the purchasing process as a whole is the key, and the materials used for dressing the cupboard door as a whole more. When buying whole process how to choose wardrobe locker door material, door, what are the characteristics of materials, the problem described above must be well clear before buy whole wardrobes. Small below explain to you a little whole locker doors that stuff is good.

1, locker door is more environmentally friendly as a whole

wardrobe in the purchase process of environmental protection is more important, some closets installed indoors for more than two years still have a smell, the reason for this is the wardrobe door material is not selected. So we are in the process of selecting the best choice brand. Well-known brands of doors is produced by E1 (≤ 1.5mg/L formaldehyde emissions) produced by more environmentally friendly materials, you can rest assured that use.

2, whole locker doors before coming to the firm

overall wardrobe doors must use relatively hard and slightly higher production materials, so you can ensure that doors will not warp in the long process, the industry generally will be used in the production process of carbon steel and aluminum as a whole wardrobe door material. Consumers can tap during the purchase process, feel the hardness of doors; use a rocking way to feel the strength of the door.

3, the overall thickness of the locker doors

wardrobe doors the thickness of the door panel as a whole the best 8 mm to 12 mm in thickness, so in using the door will be more stable and durable, generally the thickness of about 5 mm to 10 mm glass, the glass was too thick too thin will cause some safety concerns.

4, a whole wardrobe door styles of door

locker door door panel as a whole most of plates and glasses, or type of material, or all glass, or are combined with plate glass. Plate because the texture color natural, giving a rustic feel, glass gives a crystal clear or hazy gossip unreal feeling.

customized locker using the material as a whole more doors, quality and variety of materials is very important, and every material has its own characteristics, in terms of workmanship and maintenance will be very different, so we need to be fully understood before purchasing, so you can pick up with my wardrobe.


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