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After-sales service
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After-sales service
Improve product quality and a full range of services, is the company's goal, special attention to product quality in the service and response time. For this reason our company is equipped with professional technicians and companies customers for regular and occasional repair and maintenance services, setting up a dedicated after-sales service department, high quality, technical skills and good attitude. So be sure to strictly fulfill the company's after-sales service commitment:
1, we have a strong, professional installation, maintenance, service rapid reaction forces, ready to respond to the user's installation and maintenance requirements, and respond quickly to emergencies.
2, three years free warranty for products, life-long maintenance, and provide long-term technical service and spare parts. Warranty of strict measures, product warranty period of three years, is the quality problem during the warranty period and not part of the man-made damage, the company responsible for the repair and replacement.
3, used in the process, if there is any quality problem, our company received a repair notice, will arrange professional maintenance personnel in place to repair the product within one business day.
4, we will provide customers with product technology and the use of related training, product instructions for advisory services.
5, the company set up a professional inspection unit, under normal circumstances, products six months work.

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