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Anhui new Yangtze locker limited is a professional furniture design, production and sale of the company, we would like to adopt a pragmatic and responsible attitude, innovative, practical style, dedicated to your professional office furniture of high quality, high grade, share with your new office concept. Products includes dressing Cabinet, and six door dressing Cabinet, and full plastic dressing Cabinet, and Tin dressing Cabinet, and three dressing Cabinet, and wood business dressing Cabinet, and pool dressing Cabinet, and baths dressing Cabinet, and stainless steel dressing Cabinet, and employees dressing Cabinet, and wood paint furniture, and high-tech Board fire Board three poly Board new plate furniture, and swivel chair sofa soft body furniture three big series of products and other Office related supporting products. Designed for Office buildings, financial institutions, Governments, enterprises and institutions in colleges, hotel users take furniture design as well as support services. Provides personalized high quality office furniture, has greatly improved the unit's Office environment, improve their efficiency and corporate image. Since its inception the company has been the spirit of excellence and the spirit of public service, continuous innovation, in order to meet the market demand, so as to win the trust and support of our customers! Knoll furniture introduces advanced technologies and professional equipment of furniture design and innovation model of modern management, the company has been sustained, stable and healthy development, actively participate in international competition, and winning a solid base and good reputation.

we're not just selling furniture, and office space planning and design and environmental design. In the fierce market competition, our company is presented in a unique way, "three sales services". Sale Qian service: free professional design, help you planning out most effective to using space, and most with economic of office layout programme; sale in the service: by professional of engineers composition large Engineering Management Department, to followed up and decoration units of coordination work, to ensure furniture of transport and the installation of accurate; after-sales service: all we sold of products are enjoys 1-5 years free insurance with and the lifelong maintenance service, to displayed we on its products of confidence and the on customer of guarantee. Hangzhou Knoll furniture limited offer to the community, improve the modern Office products and scientific office structure, with "service first" philosophy to provide you quality for each product, for each quality of service. We will also continue to develop new products, to consolidate our leadership position in the furniture industry.

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